Candle Light Tree M-$36.40 L-$42.00 Size 13.5x26.5

      Quilted Pineapple

 Let It Snow M $33.80 L $39.00 Size is 17x22

   Museum Runner M $44.20 L $51.00

Size is 24 x 40

   The Village Tree L $26.00

Size 18 x 14

 Our Friend  M-$44.20 L-$51.00 Size 28x39

   Angel Penny Rug

    Bee Skip M-$49.40 L-$57.00 Size 22x40

  Alpha Pets -  $130.00  Size 32x56

  Fancy Feathers M-$39.00 L-$45.00

  Dancing Pumpkins M-$34.00 L-$39                            Size 18 x 26                         

  Farmscape Friends M-$36.40 L-$42.00 Size 17x27

  Fraktur One M-$39.00 L-$45.00 Size -16.32

Spring Song M-$39.00 L-$45.00 Size 11x41

 House For Everyone M-$36.40 L-$42.00 Size 18x26

Sock & Mit Kids L-$28.00 (Only)

Witchy Shoe M-$33.80 L-$39.00 Size-16x13

Yankee Peddler L-$98.00 (Only)

Victorian Boot L-$28.00 (Only)

Sleeping Santa M-$39.00 L-$45.00 Size 21x29

Kringle Toys L-$28.00 (Only) Size-15x13

Dove & Flower M-$33.80 L-$39.00 Size-19x12.5

Bird House Sam L-$26.00 (Only) Size 11x13

Floral Medley M-$36.40 L-$42.00 Size-17 Round

Garden Patch M-$31.20 L- $36.00 Size-18x14

Holly Basket L-$28.00 (Only) Size 13x12

Holiday Stroll M-$39.00 L-$45.00 Size-12.5x24


Contact Marie at 860 663 0526 by phone or for email to order.  Shipping charges will be added as applicable. Pricing is either Monks Cloth (M) or Linen (L) Size is indicated in inches.


Sleeping Santa M-$23.40 L-$27.00 Size 14x19

Fall Harvest M-$39.00 L-$45.00  Size-20x13

Wool Available-Uncut Kit $120.00

Berry Farm House  M-$37.00 L-$42.00 Size-10x 30

Pretty Bird  M-$19.50 L-$22.50 Size-14" Round

Small Primitive Floral  M-$39.00 L-$45.00 Size- 16x28

Punkin Valley   M-$42.00 L-$48.00 Size-20x21

Christmas Ornaments Linen Only $24.00

Birds and Bees Size 21 x 14

  Monks $37.00 Linen $42.00

King Winter Size 22 x 16  Monks $37.00 Linen $42.00

Mady Z 23.5 x 14  Monks $42.00 Linen $48.00